Town Hall Rental Rates

Effective immediately, Town Hall Rental Rates for the Arcadia Town Hall are as follows:

  • Town Hall and Kitchen Rental: $75
  • Inspection Fee: $15 (Non-refundable)
  • Security Deposit: $300 (All renters are required to pay the $300.00 security deposit, regardless of the rental fee.)
  • Nonprofit Organizations:  $15.00 per meeting, for regular organization meetings
    (All other events held by the nonprofit organization will be charged the residential rental rates.)

The above rules and rental rates as amended were approved July 27, 2015 at the Town of Arcadia Board Meeting.

Please contact the following persons with any questions or concerns:

Lynn Axness, Clerk: (608) 323-3470
Barbara G. Tock, Chairman: (608) 323-3474
Karen Geske, Supervisor: (715) 985-3536
Donna Brogan, Supervisor: (715) 797-0806