County Tax Records

Trempealeau County Tax Records

Trempealeau County Property Tax & Assessment Website
A searchable index of property tax and assessment data listed from 1997 to the present. Contact the Trempealeau County Treasurer's Office for information on property taxes owed prior to 1997.

Trempealeau County Contact List

County Treasurer
Phone: (715) 538-2311 ext. 219
Email: [email protected]

Real Property Lister
Phone: (715) 538-2311 ext. 344
Email: [email protected]

Land Records
Phone: (715) 538-2311 ext. 343
Email: [email protected]

Who Should You Contact?

To obtain current property tax information and pay off amounts contact the
Trempealeau County Treasurer.

For information on how to change names and mailing addresses or for information on a property listing contact the Trempealeau County Real Property Lister.

To obtain aerial photographs or mapping contact the Land Records department.

To obtain current Personal Property tax information contact the Local Municipality Treasurers.