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Welcome to the Town of Arcadia Website.

On this web site, you will find information that is pertinent to anyone who currently resides in the Town of Arcadia or anyone who plans to move into the township.

If you are looking to build or buy a home in the Town of Arcadia, you will find answers here to your questions regarding the Town of Arcadia - it's policies, permits and specifications.

We also provide access to tax records, your tax assessor, recycling rules and regulations.

If you still have questions after viewing this site, feel free to contact the town clerk.

Town Hall Rental Info

The Town Hall rental contract has been revised, effective immediately Town Hall Rental Rates for the Arcadia Town Hall are available here. (Updated and Revised May 03, 2016)

Town of Arcadia News

Annual Meeting Tonight: (posted April 18, 2017) The Annual Meeting for the Town of Arcadia will be held on Tuesday, April 18th at the Town Hall at 7:30 p.m.

Annual Spring Clean-Up: (posted March 30, 2017) The Town’s Annual Spring Clean-Up will be on Saturday, April 22nd from 8 until noon.

Goals and Objectives: (posted October 6, 2016) Goals as Indicated in Town of Arcadia's Comprehensive Plan - Updated October 2016. Download the updated Goals and Objectives here.

New Ordinances Section: (posted January 9, 2016) We have added a new ordinances section to the menu on the right. We will be uploading PDF files to the Ordinances page, periodically, for you to read and download.

New Tax Info Section: (updated April 18, 2017) We created a new Tax Info section. In it you will find a Tax Data page and a Tax Booklets page, both of which will be updated periodically. You can find the Tax Info section in the menu to the right.

Email List: (posted October 07, 2015) Anyone wanting to receive the agenda or minutes via email should contact the office to be added to an email group. Please call or email us to sign up.

Town of Arcadia Board Member Office Hours: (updated April 18, 2017)
Barb Tock, Chairperson: Thursdays – 2 PM to 4 PM
Donna Brogan, Supervisor #2: Wednesdays – 2 PM to 4 PM

Sand Mine Operations: (posted July 15, 2015) All Sand Mine Operations need to contact Arcadia Town Hall for all necessary documents for presentations. Call or email us here with questions.

Monthly Financials: (updated August 25, 2015) We now have detailed income and expense reports on a new page called Monthly Financials. You will find it in the menu to the right, under Financials. PDF downloads are available for each month. We will be posting more as they become available.

New Email Address: The Town of Arcadia has a new email address, Please update your address books.