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Private Work

The Town of Arcadia will not do any private work for an individual when the work can be done by a private contractor or until the Town of Arcadia's work schedule permits it.

Any private work done by the Town of Arcadia must first be approved by the town road crew foreman.
No Town of Arcadia equipment or tools may be borrowed, leased or rented by the general public without an operator, with the exception of town employees and elected officials.

If works needs to be done when town equipment is not in the immediate area, travel time will be billed from the time the equipment and operator leave the town shop until they return to the shop.

No private work will be done on overtime or if the work causes the employee to put in overtime to complete their normal daily work. Road crew workers may refuse to perform private work if they feel that the work is dangerous to them or the equipment.

The Town of Arcadia may not be held responsible for any damages

The above policy was revised April 29, 2002 at the Town of Arcadia Board Meeting